Super gaiters

The super gators (insulated) I purchased from Mountain Tools seem to work quite well. Wearing my boots in the super gators on my feet make them feel like they are on fire. Perfect!


This is something that has been troublesome over the years because very few manufactures, if it all, make super gators anymore. Regular gaiters are great for protection but they don’t add any real warmth. When it is -45 and your toes are turning black, you’ll think of anything to try and keep them alive.


It’s amazing how rapidly dragging a tire will pulverize your foot wear. I have absolutely shredded down my old skull crusher boots. I name them as such because when the going gets tough, these are what I go to.

This particular pair of Vasque boots have seen service in Yellowstone, Greenland, Europe, Washington, the Rockies, the Sierras – just about everywhere rough and tumble. They have seen 120° and they have seen -20°. Every time, these waffle stompers have worked perfectly.

So, the old pair are being replaced. I do have some shoe repair material to level them out and maybe make them half serviceable for lawn work but they’re done otherwise.

Long live the trusty boot.

Worn vs new: