Book proof being printed

Woo hoo! The publisher said the proof copy is being printed now and will be shipped to be me for review. Once I sign off on it, Sastrugi Press will run a batch of books and begin shipping them out to those who put in pre-orders.

For those of you who missed the pre-order price, the publisher will have specials from time to time to watch out for.

It’s almost here!

Book development

As I’ve been developing and writing my book, I’ve had to refer back to photographs to

Sastrugi near Colossus Hill
Sastrugi near Colossus Hill

clarify certain things. One place I needed to check on was the location of Colossus Hill at S 87º 21′, W 082º 35’. This south-facing slope had ridiculously large sastrugi, bigger than I had encountered up to the that point in the trip.
This photo was taken right near there.

The conditions made for tough going.

Antarctic Tears book

The development of a book proposal for Antarctic Tears, my current working title, is going along nicely. Being able to spend significant hours working on the chapter outline, market and promotion sections of the book in a relatively distraction-free environment has been a boon to productivity.

It seems that I am one of the types of authors who needs to be free of dawdling distractions, where food and basic resources are readily available but distracting wi-fi is not. This sort of writing seems to be better done in an isolated location than in with the regular living situation.

Although I enjoy my time with friends and family immensely, it is easy to be diverted, creating procrastination with their presence. What a conundrum.


Forging the book proposal

For non-fiction books, the book proposal is the most critical piece to get

Banging the keyboard
Banging the keyboard

started.  This document allows authors to flesh out all the aspects of the book, from a simple overview to the marketing and sales prospects.  In order to get the project moving, the blue print has to be made for the book.

This blue print isn’t just the outline like we all learned in high school and college, but rather a much more complete piece.  In fact, I’ve been told by multiple people that the book proposal can be far more difficult than the actual writing.

Thus far, it has proven to be true!

Dictating text built into your Mac

One problem that plagues me is typing properly and quickly while working on my book.  Even though I can

Proofreading Marks
Proofreading Marks

crank out a decent amount of text, my typing accuracy isn’t perfect.  One thing I learned from my Dad is that if you begin typing and then try to correct something, you switch out of the creative mode into the editor mode.  That really slows you down.

What I’ve started doing is just grinding out the text and then listening to it once I’ve made my first pass.  Listening to it?  Yes, that’s right.  Apparently this feature has been around on the Mac since 1984 (or thereabouts). Continue reading “Dictating text built into your Mac”