Second most exciting

The second most exciting part of producing a book or DVD is having the barcode and ISBN barcode on DVD caseplaced on the cover.  Up until then, the cover art, DVD and everything else doesn’t feel like a real product.

As soon as we had the UPC on the back of the DVD slip cover for Introduction to Off-Camera Strobe Flash Photography, the product looked complete.  It felt real.

For all the years I worked at Aztec Shops, California State University, San Diego’s book store in the receiving department, I wondered how someone figured out how to secure an ISBN, UPC and all of the selling information necessary to make a book or DVD “sellable”.  Now I know, as I have been part of producing quite a few DVDs and very soon a book.

The thrill is almost palpable. Of course, the most exciting part of this is when sales start rolling in. That is when I know the product actually has life.

You can pre-order the DVD at a hefty discount right now. Once it becomes available on Amazon and in stores, the price will go to regular retail.

I can’t wait!

Author: Aaron

Aaron Linsdau is a photographer.

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