It was a dark…

Snoopy always started his novels with:

Writing during a dark and stormy night
Writing during a dark and stormy night

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

But that’s about as far as he ever got with his venerable typewriter.  Fortunately for me, I’ve gotten much farther along in working on my book, “Antarctic Tears”.  There is still a heck of a lot of work to be done on it.  The primary concern right now is getting the first draft done.

As my editor told me, “Until you have the block of marble, it is not possible to begin chipping out the angel inside of it.”  It was a nice reference to Michelangelo.  The thing about writing is the first draft of the manuscript is just the block pulled from the quarry.  Not one single chip has been removed from that block.  It is a long way from the final sculpture.

Somewhere in my mind I thought more highly of the first draft.  Yet on other author’s blogs, they say the most important thing is getting to that first draft of the complete manuscript.  No matter how badly it stinks.

As my deadline approaches, it will become a balancing act of keeping up with the book writing and improving my fitness for the two Mexican volcano climbs in November.  There is always something competing for time and now I have two items which both cannot be ignored.

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Aaron Linsdau is a photographer.

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