Following Parker Liautaud

Good luck to the final training months for Parker Liautaud, a 19 year old from Palo Alto, for trying to do a mid-range route to the south pole:!

Note – the article is a bit misleading – Christian Eide’s feat of going solo from Hercules Inlet to the SP was 700 miles in 25 days.  No one has come even close to touching his record since 2011.  Parker’s trip, though a long 400 miles, will not compare to Christian’s trip, as a speed record.  The website has a correct assessment of the expedition:

I’m looking forward to reading when a solo Parker starts from the Hercules Inlet and best’s Christian’s record – now that will be astonishing!  It looks like Parker has a good many years to do some very impressive things and I look forward to reading about them.

Good luck Parker!

Author: Aaron

Aaron Linsdau is a photographer.

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