Filters in the digital age

Yes, you need or at least want filters in the digital photography age.  Some people say you

Singh-Ray Filters
Singh-Ray Filters

only need a polarizer, as that can’t be done in post.  As Peter Hill illustrates, filters still and probably will always have a place in photography.

The Ultimate Guide to Neutral Density Filters

I have always wanted one of the variable ND filters to give me flexibility for me shots.  However, they’ve notorious for color casts and weird polarizer effects.  Not good, especially after I spend $400 on something.

However, the discussion on Hoya’s 9 stop filter made me finally throw the switch and purchase on at B&H Photo out of New York.  They’re one of the only safe, reputable houses to purchase photography gear from, aside from Adorama & Amazon.

This 9 stop filter will allow me to take 1 second long shots in the middle of the day – something I’ve wanted to do for some time but, without a filter, on a digital camera, was not able to.

Note – if the price is too good to be true, far  below the market, it probably is.

Author: Aaron

Aaron Linsdau is a photographer.

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