Degree symbol on the Mac

Extended ASCII character set
Extended ASCII character set

When typing on a PC, I had access to the complete ASCII set of characters.  I did this holding the ALT key and then typing the three number code for the desired character.  It allowed me to put all sorts of things into my text.

Not so on the Mac.

While editing my book on the Macbook Retina, I was at first writing deg to indicate degrees after a particular numeric coordinate.  That doesn’t look very sexy and it takes more typing and space for nothing added.  After a little surfing, I learned how to create the degree symbol on the Mac.

On the Mac, click OPTION+0.  That is, hold the OPTION key down and then click the 0 (zero) key.  This will give you the degrees symbol.

GPS South Pole coordinates
GPS South Pole coordinates

In my blog editor in Chrome, this key combination doesn’t work.  I’m not sure why.  It only seems to function in text editors like Open Office and TextEdit.

Getting the proper symbols into text is sometimes troublesome because web browsers, word processing programs, and the like may not be able to display them right.  This is especially true on smart phones.  Sometime things just don’t look right.

Good thing book printers have this down pat, otherwise I’d be killing myself and wasting time.  They can print anything.

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