Unboxing Video of the Sexiest Italian Boots Ever

Unboxing video of the sexiest Italian boots ever!

The post Unboxing Video of the Sexiest Italian Boots Ever appeared first on AARON LINSDAU Motivational Speaker.

Unboxing video of the sexiest Italian boots ever!



The post Unboxing Video of the Sexiest Italian Boots Ever appeared first on AARON LINSDAU Motivational Speaker.

Roller Derby Team Photo

Sports Team Photo

Juggernauts Roller Derby
Juggernauts Roller Derby

Creating an interesting sports team photo takes a lot more than grabbing an SLR and an on-camera flash. You have to be interesting, creative, and deliver the product in a timely manner. All while working on marketing, computer problems, and everything else.

When I first conceptualized this shot, I was thinking of how I could take the entire Juggernauts team of roller derby ladies from Jackson Hole and place them somewhere else with a little more grit. That is, not dirt grit from climbing the Tetons, but rather industrial grit only found in the city. Looking for ideas, I thumbed through the various roller derby team photos I found online and realized that, for the most part, they were just plain shots in their arena. Boring. Some had lighting but the sparkles from the reflections behind the players were distracting and thus ruined the photos. As a sponsor of the Juggernauts, I had to deliver better.

There was one interesting shot online that was done in a city drain but the lighting was unbalanced, so it was impossible to see the team member’s faces. I had seen some interesting team photos in posters around town, so they were my inspiration. I needed an original Detroit industrial-looking location with a big city in the background. After visualizing my shot, I went about figuring out how to create it. Sports team photography is enjoyable because the players appreciate the work put into the shot. They know what the conditions were when the shoot was done, so when they see the final product, they’re blown away. Based on the Juggernaut’s response, this was no exception.

I was very happy to deliver this photo after a considerable number of hours invested into the photography and the post-processing of the image. The team’s response made me even happier, knowing I had hit the mark. If there are teams looking for compelling and interesting shots, look at the above image and ask, “Do I want a generic shot in the arena or do I want something that sets us apart from everyone else?”

Hire me and you’ll have just that shot.

Latest sponsor – It’s Jackson Time

Thank you very much to It’s Jackson Time for your generous sponsorship!  The retail

It's Jackson Time
It’s Jackson Time

store is located in Jackson, WY, under the Snake River Grill and next to Yippy I-O Candy.  Mr. Garcia is a purveyor of both fine watches and knives with the accompanying tactical accessories.

African Leopard #1 World Record
African Leopard #1 World Record
Zimbabwe, Africa

He also has a selection of world-class trophy mounts located all throughout the store, many of which I photographed for him to promote his site on both the web and through Ebay.

If you are in Jackson Hole, WY, it is well worth to take a few moments to stop by It’s Jackson Time and enjoy some of the animal specimens.

Some of the samples are the #1 World Record of an African Leopard, a Marco Polo Argali Sheep from Tajikistan, 1 of 2 top hunting trophies ever, and a massive mountain lion hidden in the back of the store.

I’ve seen a North American lion in Orofino, ID, that was listed as 140 pounds and I thought that cat was large until I saw this one.  The not-so-little kitty stealthing around in the back of the store actually made me stop in my tracks for a moment.  This is because I’ve had a healthy fear of catamounts (mountain lions) from being in the San Diego back country as well as traipsing through the Golden Trout Wilderness, where I ran across hour-old lion tracks.  I also heard a squirrel chirping in the distance, letting me know something was amiss.  They have my utmost respect.

Thank you It’s Jackson Time!

Small world

Here’s how small a world it can be:

I went to St. Johns Urgent Care in Jackson, WY,  for a medicine travel clinic where I consult with a doctor on what medications I’ll need for three months down on the ice.  Dr. Jim Little was very attentive and brought up several things that I had not even thought of.

I was thinking about something for basic infections, as is want to happen when you are by yourself with no help.  Then, he said there are different drugs for skin, lung, gastro-intestinal and other issues.  So, we took care of that.  He provided (hopefully) ample supplies for the most likely of ailments I might run into while on the expedition.

Great, I’m all set.  This was on Friday.

Then, on Saturday, I was getting my last tow in up Old Teton Pass Road.  It was an 8 hour journey of enjoyable bliss, away from all the stressers and rushing about to tighten up my gear and make sure I’ve not missed anything.  Then, two older gentlemen ride past on

Tow Harness Traces
Tow Harness Traces

their bikes and we strike up a short conversation, as many people do, inquiring about what my sign means and then one of the gentlemen asked where I was from.

I replied, “I was actually born in Jackson, but I’ve been in San Diego for the last 30 years.”

The man then replied, “Oh, then I probably delivered you.”


“Yes, I started my practice here in 1972 and you’re probably…”

“I’m 38.”

“Then yes, there’s a good chance.  I’m Jim, Jim Little.”


“Good to meet you, I’m Aaron Linsdau.”

The two take leave of me and continue their ride up the hill.  I begin pondering what the likelihood that two doctors in the valley have the exact same name.  And their apparent ages allow for them to be related.  So I text my Mom to ask her about a Dr. Little.  She replied back that Dr. Crenshaw delivered me and Dr. Little was my pediatrician.  Holy cow!  I wish I had gotten his number or at least given him my card.

As it turns out that I travel terribly slow dragging my tire, Dr. Little happened to catch up  with me just as I was arriving at the parking lot.  I told him he was my childhood pediatrician and thank you for taking care of me, as I was a very sickly kid.  He took a photo of me and posted it on his blog:

Dr. James Little Sr.’s Blog

So then, I receive an email later that night explaining that in fact he is Dr. James Little SR. and that I had seen his son the other day at the clinic.  He also made a generous donation to my expedition as well and I thank him for that!

Funny how being in a small place like this, nearly 40 years later, affords the opportunity to run into someone who you knew long ago but couldn’t possibly remember now and that again your lives intersected.

Interestingly, Dr. Little Sr. is headed off to Rwanda for 9 months.  I wish him well!


Additional supporter

Thank you very much to Dr. James L. of Jackson, WY, for your generous donation supporting this expedition to the South Pole and back.  Without supporters like yourself, this trek of 1,450 miles would be impossible.

Considering the HIGH temperature today at the Russian Lake Vostok station will be -58 degrees (that’s right, MINUS) today, there’s always a chance of cold or other injury.  Being ready to deal with those things is critical to my success and having supporters who make it possible for me to be fully equipped down there makes all the difference.

Gear donation

Thank you so much Cheryl H., of Fallbrook, CA.  Your massive donation of equipment to

Rite in the Rain
Rite in the Rain

this expedition takes a big chunk out of the remaining things I need to make sure I’m safe and have backup for all critical equipment.

Also, the Rite in the Rain journals and Space Pen refills will ensure I keep all of my records of the expedition, that way I don’t forget it and will be able to relate the stories back to the people at home.

Newest sponsor

Thank you so much to Bill Dillon of Jackson Hole Boot and Shoe Repair.  He is our most

Jackson Hole Boot and Shoe Repair
Jackson Hole Boot and Shoe Repair

recent sponsor.  His timely help and guidance in boot matters is going to prove invaluable.

When I purchased my boots from Norway, I had no practical way to find out if the boots fit properly or not until I received them.  At first, the boots fit far better than the previous set that crushed my toe box after three days.  These Alfa Mordre Pro boots did’t have that issue.  But, in an attempt to get the correct width, I had to go with a larger size 45 boot.

That caused heal slip.  After the 3rd day in Yellowstone 2011, my heals were chewed up.

Fast forward to August 2012.  Enter Bill’s shop.

Being extremely knowledgeable about boot matters living in a Wyoming town and also working with firefighting crews all the time, Bill knew exactly what to do.  He made a small addition to my Alfa’s that seemed to make all the difference!

Granted, there’s no snow yet to test things out in long-distance motion.  But, they feel so much better already that I have confidence everything will work out just fine.  I had other shops suggest silly things like stuffing cotton balls in the toes or adding a piece of carpet inside.  Bill’s is the first shop where I felt I was getting a straight and knowledgable answer.

Cotton balls store:

“Yes, we suggest stuffing cotton balls in the toes to adjust the fit.”

“I don’t think that’ll work.  I’m skiing 1500 miles in these things.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it works.  We do it all the time.”

“Ok, thanks.  I’ll ponder it out and let you know.”

No, no.  When I came into Bill’s shop, he knew right away what the problem was and how to make the adjustment.  Another design issue with the boots is there is no ankle grip like my Vasque boots and Bill pointed that out.  Sure enough, that’s also part of what the problem is, too.  I believe I’ve got a solution for that, thanks to his guidance.

Thank you Bill!

Snowsled.com Sponsorship

Thank you very much to Snowsled.com for your gear sponsorship.  The equipment will be



used to ensure that I and my gear travel safely through the vast Antarctic plateau.  I’m excited to try out the compass holder, relieving my hands to do the most important daily activity – skiing!

Being a British Company, they have set up an outlet in Canada so we North Americans can have access to their unique and helpful products.  If you have a moment, please check out their product line.

Supporter update

Thank you so much to Steve C., of Alameda, CA, for the generous donation to support this expedition!  Without your financial contribution, it would not be possible to even show up and attempt this nearly impossible feat, let alone give it my all.

Looking at Jackson Hole from Teton Pass
Looking at Jackson Hole from Teton Pass

Yesterday, I spent 4.5 hours dragging my tire to the top of Teton Pass at 8,400′ and another 2 hours to get it back down the mountain.  I’m pouring it on to make sure I’m physically ready to tackle this challenge.


Steve’s donation made my day after my body and mind were wiped out.

Click on the photo for a larger image and feel free to “borrow” it!