Trip journal

I started using Siri to transcribe my journal. I’m finding that’s incredibly fast. Probably about as fast as I can type it. But I’m not sitting there typing.
I can just lounge around wherever I want.
I’ll definitely have this done far faster than any other journal typed up.
I was going to buy Dragon naturally speaking for my computer but Siri seems to do just as well. Plus it’s not another $40 out of my pocket.
Once again iPhone has proved its value immediately.

Back to running

I am still sore from the first decent run I did last week. Even though I’m still very in shape the specific running was quite the killer. I was very surprised to see that after months of not running going out and doing 3 miles I totally killed my calves.

I took five days off and then started just jogging around the block to recover. It almost felt as though I first started running in the five finger shoes. It’s good to have a calibration point to know how long I can go without doing that before I have to do something about it.

Do I also learned that after about four days of not running actually feel the effects and don’t run as efficiently. It’s a difficult balance to achieve of overtraining but not having your performance deteriorate.

Thus off for a short run this morning I go!


Getting pics from your iPhone to your XP computer

Check out this handy link:

Transferring from iPhone to XP Computer

It was very helpful to get my pix and video from the trip from my iPhone to my PC (Windows XP).  It took several minutes of searching it out to find it because I was looking in the wrong direction.

For whatever reason, the backup system on my iTunes doesn’t direct to where everyone else says it does.  I don’t really care about that because my iTunes account will recover it.  But the photos and video are a whole other matter.

The essence of the copy is to

  1. Go into Start->Programs->Accessories->Scanner and Camera Wizard
  2. In the Welcome Screen, select “advanced users only”
  3. Select explore like a folder (or something like that)
  4. Windows will pop up a file explorer window allowing access to the iPhone’s camera and video folder.

And there you have it!  Much easier than trying to root around for the iPhone backup that seems non-existent on my PC.

Wolf report to the park

Here’s my response to the wolf following me in Yellowstone on December 24, 2011:

Hi there!  Hope you two enjoyed your holidays.  The last day I was in the park, the 30th, was tough!  34 degrees got everything wet and my skis iced up like I’d never experienced before.  The park always has something special on the way out.
I did hear the wolf following me into Old Faithful.  As I descended from the last turn-out before the canyon, I heard many wolves in the distance.  Over the next 3 hours, I heard them get closer until I heard a single wolf.  It was close enough that I expected to turn around and see a pair of eyes.
On my return trip to West Thumb, I found tracks and scent markings for miles up and across Craig Pass.  Oddly, I only saw one set of tracks.

Wolf scent
Wolf Scent
I never saw the animal but it was clearly there and got fairly close.  After I started turning around and flashing my headlight in the direction of the howl, the sounds stopped.
Creepy but exciting.  Please let me know if you need more information.  I have photos of the tracks and scent markings.

Icy skis

The last 2 days of travel were a test of endurance and attitude. The blizzard was pretty easy to tow through, save for the deep snow.

Most of the time the fur ruff on the parka kept the driving snow out, though I eventually broke down and put the goggles on.

Once the sky cleared up, it was full shield time to prevent getting roasted. I stopped every hour to eat 200 calories and drink. It was such a warm blizzard that I was down to my wool shirt and parka. Not bad for 25mph winds.

I camped above Lewis lake and enjoyed another 6 inches of heavily wind driven snow. The Hilleberg tent handled the wind with aplomb. I’m still not perfect setting it up in the snow but much better.

The last day was the toughest. Period.

Even though most of it was down hill, it was 34 deg, causing everything to get soaked and my skis to ice up. The lower in altitude I got, the worse it became. I tried putting on different wax and that helped at the higher elevations.

Once I got to the ranger station, the ski situation went to the pit. No matter what I did, the skis iced up. At more than one point there were fist sized ice balls in both top and bottom. This added 3-5 lbs to each ski.

Stomping broke the ice off but only for a few steps. I did keep up on the eating and felt so much better all the way in.

If took 1:45 to travel the same distance out downhill that it took one hour uphill going into the park. Bad!

Great time over all and plenty of lessons learned.

Into the blizzard

Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire inside is so delightful.


Lame excuse – when the snow is driving like this it’s difficult if not impossible to see with a headlamp. I am waiting till first light that way I can pack all my gear and not have to try and use artificial light.

When walking into driving snow like that with a headlamp, the snow reflects, basically blinding you.

This is going to be a great today slog out of the park in this weather. This is exactly the experience I came for. Although it’s only 20 deg outside so it’s really not that cold but I’ll take it where I can get it.

Wolf bait

Apparently a wolf followed me much of the distance from West thumb to Old Faithful on the 24th. I had heard him and his pack howling behind me hours before I arrived in Old Faithful. At one point I Heard one distinct wolf howl Close enough behind me that when I turned around I expected to see sparkling eyes.

Apparently the snow coaches and snowmobiles saw this wolf following me about 2 miles back. Several of the people in the groups pressed their guides and or drivers to turn around and warn me about it.

All of the guides told them that once the wolf saw it was a human it would turn and run. Or at least say forget it. But you never know. 🙂

It was a big enough hit that the ranger at west thumb told me the story.

It was odd because coming back to west thumb today I saw wolf tracks all along the road over the passes. At least that one wolf traveled a long way.

I even saw several sent markings along the road and I thought it was for other animals and wolves.

Apparently those markings were to match my markings. However I wasn’t making them properly.

I do know how to do it correctly now though.

My bigger concern where the grizzly tracks us all along the side. There were many places where there’re obvious tracks just like over at Old Faithful. After seeing very fresh tracks at Old Faithful while I was skiing I decided to turn around.

Best not to be converted to lunch.