How fast can YOU skateboard?

There are some extreme sports and people call what I do extreme in a sense. Even though the sport below isn’t mine, I completely appreciate the filming, effort and all the pain they went through to get to the point of filming something like this. They didn’t just show up one day. If you rewind the film, you can see a couple slide wipe-outs. For me, this qualifies as extreme, as I’m not skateboarding down a Sierra mountain road at 70 MILES PER HOUR:

Sector 9 Skateboards the Sierras

What have you done?

I had the opportunity to speak with an executive at National Geographic for a few

National Geographic
This isn't an official endorsement

moments at an expedition presentation at University of California, San Diego.  There was a short time to talk to him and I gave him my quick elevator speech about what I am planning to do.

His first question to me was, “What have you already done?”

It is a good thing that I’ve done shorter expeditions through Greenland and Yellowstone!  I was able quickly relate those and received the answer I was hoping for.

“Okay, those sound good.  Here’s what you need to do.”

Perfect!  At least I have a little guidance to go on to get started developing media interest, finding sponsors and attaching a greater meaning and use for the expeditions in the near future and to Antarctica next year.

Getting good sleep. ZZZzzz….

Does lack of sleep have an impact on your body?  Absolutely!  It seems obvious but when

Sleepy time

you’re just getting ready for work, you might not notice compared to working out heavily.  As was this morning when I was doing the weight training portion of my workout regimine.  I didn’t get to sleep until past midnight after going to see Radical Reels from Banff.  It was well worth seeing the films, videos and short movies (they’re all different).

However, in the morning, I was seriously slugged out.  As I started performing basic body weight exercises, I could feel my energy draining down to nothing.  After powering up with a light breakfast, it was back to it.  Now my energy level was okay but I felt slightly dizzy and just not able to crank through the sets like normal.

That reminds me of a question a friend posed to me years ago after a punishing performance in a half-marathon.

“Do you really think that staying up until 2am affected my performance?”

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted.  Yes, it did.

Training log holes

Holes in training
Holes in training?

At first, I poo-poo’d the idea of keeping a training log.  I thought I was working out pretty well and certainly every day.  But, as I’m serious about what I’m doing, keeping a log seemed like a good idea.  Many expert sites suggested it.  So, I created one and have been regularly keeping it up on this blog.

Then, after I’ve amassed a month of entries, I’ve noticed several things.  First, the gaps between workout has not been consistent.  That means inconsistent results and less advancement toward the goals I need to hit.  The gap became readily apparent after the outside of my lower left leg became sore.  There was 5 days between runs.  And 5 days between tyre drags.

Far too long.

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The ultimate pen?

This is the ultimate pen.  There have been many others but there can only be One.  This is

Fischer space pen
Fischer space pen

it.  Of the few I’ve used, the M4B Military Version is my favorite edition.  It has served me for years in north Africa, China, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Greenland and other inhospitable places.  As the advertisement says, it can write from -30 deg F to 250 deg F without problem, as well as underwater, upside down and through grease.  I’ve tested 3 of the specifications and found them to be solid.

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Finally at half marathon range

I have finally achieved half marathon range with my Five Finger

Vibrim Five Finger shoes

shoes. It’s taken a long, long time. Today was within spitting distance of that elusive 13.1 miles.
At 2 hours in, I started to cramp up, signaling that my body was running low on salt. And when you run low on salt, walking is what you’ll be doing instead of running.
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Golden Trout CWGT Elevation profile

Based on the times and distances I was posting during my 5 day backpack through

Central Wilderness Grand Tour Elevation Profile

the Golden Trout Wilderness, I had the feeling that the distance measurements described in the book were shorter than what I was actually doing.  This is based on my experience of how fast (or slow) I’m hiking and what the terrain is like.

Also, I was able to watch the average speed on my Garmin GPSmap 62s.  My guess was that the distance was 5-10% longer than the book described. Continue reading “Golden Trout CWGT Elevation profile”

Good training ride

Did a good 28 mile training bike ride through Temecula and Murrieta this weekend.

Aaron on Specialized
Aaron on Specialized

Did end up slogging through the first part, as I had a power breakfast but not lighter sugars in it. I didn’t bonk but it sure made slow going. A stop at Juice it Up fixed that problem!

The weather was perfect for the ride.  Sunny and clear but not hot.  Normally it’s still insufferable during September in Temecula but so far this year, it’s been very temperate.  It was like this last summer, too.  No complaints!

Self in GTW

The Golden Trout Wilderness was one of the toughest backpacks I’ve been

Aaron in the Golden Trout Wilderness
Aaron in the Golden Trout Wilderness

on in the world.  It was certainly the most difficult I’ve been on in the Sierras, hands down.  The landscape was varied and wild, from wet marshes to recent lava flows.  Recent fire damage made part of the trail nearly impassible.  My only option was to wade through 2 miles of thorn bushes.  Not exactly the best experience.  But – it was downhill doing that part!

Somehow I think the mileage in the book isn’t quite correct.  I’ll check that against the GPS map and post.