Smoothing out the towing

After training for several months for an expedition to Yellowstone, I’ve been searching

Bungee elastic in trace to harness
Bungee elastic in trace to harness

 around for how others have changed the shock of dragging a tire or a sled.  As the rope pulls taught, the lower back and hips take the impact of the full weight of the sled or tire I’m towing.

This makes you a little tougher but over mutliple days, it’ll kill your back.

Enter bungees. Continue reading “Smoothing out the towing”

Value of the workout log

The workout log has again proven its value.

After finishing the 1:20 towing session, I loaded in my pedometer data to see

Average tire tow speed
Average tire tow speed

where I am in terms of performance.  It looks like I’m reaching a plateau in travel speed.  Once I add the hill from El Camino Real to Skyline Dr on Tamarack in Carlsbad, my speed drops a full 0.5 mph.

That’s huge!

But the hill is huge, too. Continue reading “Value of the workout log”

Best time yet

My short route time is still getting better.  It’s good but it tells me that I’m not at peak performance ability.  I was able to crank out the 1.4 miles in 26 minutes.  3.2 miles per hour.  My average speed is now my walking speed.  That’s great!  It’s my best speed yet.

Funny thing – a guy slowed down in the morning to take a photograph of me.  I gave him the thumbs up, he snapped the shot and continued taking his kids to school.

It must be pretty funny to see a guy dragging a tire wearing shorts outside of his sweats, using trekking poles.  Too bad I was drinking from my water bottle at the time.  I need to grab a friend to get some better photographs.

Field updates

I’ve been working on updating my website for a few with some serious help.  One thing I’ve been trying to do is embed a map of my current position.  This has been a little more challenging, as it has to be done in the field.

The goal is to do field updates with my iPhone for the Yellowstone expedition in a few weeks.  There are various services and devices (Spot) to do this.  However, for the moment it’s just another bill against the funds to get me to Antarctica.

As such, there’s a risk I won’t have a good enough data connection to send map updates and I’ll be out of business on the website.  That would be unfortunate but it’s worth a try.  One trick I did find with the iphone is screen capture.  That would be my last hurrah in trying to update my site from the field.

To do a screen capture with the iphone, simple click the home and power buttons at the same time.  The screen will be captured to your pictures (camera roll).  You can then email, send or whatever else you want to do with that.

Very handy indeed.

Finding Windpro fleece for ski pogies

Finding outdoor raw fabrics by the yard is a challenge!  When you search for fabrics and


materials, all you initially come up with are products made out of the material but not the raw material itself.  Thus it’s very difficult to get started making ski pogies.

What are pogies you ask?  Here’s a site on pogies:

Wizard’s Sleeve Ski Pogies

In the instructions, the author lists that outdoor fabrics are easily found at specialty stores.  Finding the specialty stores is the killer.  The website Specialty Outdoors has a wonderful source list for most any outdoor fabric you might need:

Specialty Outdoors Fabric Sources

This pages saved me hours of stumbling around, trying to find just the right thing.

I’ll be ordering some Windpro fleece to make those pogies.  If I don’t have to wear my mega-mittens skiing, I’ll be much happier.