Bike trouble

Uh oh, I think I broke my bike.  I was going downhill just above 30mph when I went over a cover plate.  All of the sudden the forks and front wheel started wobbling wildly.  The brakes were hit and I came to a safe stop.

I thought I might have just wacked something really hard and just destabilized.  But, as soon as I got up to speed, I could feel the wobble again.  Crud.

Banging and twisting on the frame revealed nothing.  No obvious cracks in the paint are apparent.  Yet at any decent speed, I feel a low speed oscillation.  My distance chariot is down.  Call in Scotty to recover my ’02 Specialized Allez Elite.

Riding and climbing

Over this weekend I was able to get some bike riding done, something I hadn’t done in months. It was great to get out along the coast and tear it up. Or at least try to tear it up.

Bike riding is a very nice training regimen because it’s not as heavy a load as running but it allows you to constantly push yourself and breathe hard without the pummeling.

Then last night I met up with one of my old-time climbing partners and we hit up the local gym for a bouldering session. It’s been so long since I climbed but it really reminds me of what I was missing.

Climbing also exposed some holes in my training regimen. But as I’ve been sick and trying to recover the last couple weeks, I’ve not been working out, trying to get better.

Today I’m feeling pretty good. I’m not hacking up a lung, so I think I’ll give it a full workout and see how my body does.


No wonder Linux, Ubuntu and its I’ll have never taken off, other than in the embedded world. I’ve got a great microprocessor that it’s a brick at the moment. I’ve taken several days to figure out how to read image the system so I can restart it.

Because I accidentally blew it away.

But alas I am no closer than I was before. The acronyms and the old “go build it yourself” and “oh go find all the tools on your own” always makes a learning curve vertical.

It may be free but it costs so much blasted time when you first start on the stuff that it’s really not that great.

If you’ve got weeks to fool around and do things that all sounds fine but when you really got to get something done, it’s definitely a horrible choice to learn on and start with.

Dolly rev 1 performance

The dolly saw its first field action this weekend at the old mission dam in Mission Trails Regional Park.

Being so tied up with filming, we didn’t take any action photos. Oops.

Like most other dolly systems, this configuration only works with the camera upright. That’s great if you want to film everything flat. But as with expeditioning, keeping things level is rarely interesting.

The camera almost ate it once and that’s where I believe I cracked a filter. Better the filter than the lens.

Based on this experience, I’ve got parts on order from Mcmaster Carr. I ended up doing a little engineering analysis AFTER I ordered parts and found what I bought won’t cut it. I will be able to try out the concept, though.

It will be much more versatile than what I and every other Indy film maker has.

That’s a good thing.


Review: Benchmade Stryker Auto

Benchmade Stryker

The Short

Benchmade Stryker Auto 9101
Benchmade Stryker Auto 9101

Benchmade’s Stryker Auto 9101 is a tool that you will keep and use for the rest of your life. It comes out of the box sharp and ready to cut.

You will not be embarrassed to pull this knife out of your pocket.  The handling instills confidence that it will be up to any task you put the knife to.

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