First donor

A big thank you to our first personal donor, Hollyann B., of San Diego, CA!!!

Everything helps, even just a little. Satellite phone minutes are horribly expensive at $1.30/minute. It makes going over on cell phone minutes look cheap by comparison. A few dollars goes a long way to keeping me connected with the people following my expedition.

First interview

Correne Coetzer over at has put up my first interview.  Thank you!  You can read the contents of the interview here. is a good place to keep up on the latest expeditions and adventures

Hut in Greenland during a blizzard
Hut in Greenland during a blizzard

around Earth.  They cover almost every imaginable exploration zone: polar, oceanic, mountain and space.  Plus, they cover medicine and tech, making their news product unique.

It’s worth a little time to surf around their site and learn about the adventurers of the world.  These news articles may make you think about our planet in a different way.  If nothing else, you can live vicariously, enjoying the thrill of exploration and discovery.

And the reading sure beats following the follies of the Kardashian clan or keeping up on the latest Bieber updates.

Transit of Venus Photographs

Woo hoo, I actually got some pictures of the transit of Venus, 6:44PM PST.

Yes, better than my cruddy solar eclipse photos.  Interestingly, the internal reflections from all my filters and 80-400mm Nikon actually give me better images than the direct.

Transit of Venus
Transit of Venus

Click on the photos to get the full image.

Transit of Venus with trees
Transit of Venus with trees
Transit of Venus with tree limb
Transit of Venus with tree limb



It’s amazing how rapidly dragging a tire will pulverize your foot wear. I have absolutely shredded down my old skull crusher boots. I name them as such because when the going gets tough, these are what I go to.

This particular pair of Vasque boots have seen service in Yellowstone, Greenland, Europe, Washington, the Rockies, the Sierras – just about everywhere rough and tumble. They have seen 120° and they have seen -20°. Every time, these waffle stompers have worked perfectly.

So, the old pair are being replaced. I do have some shoe repair material to level them out and maybe make them half serviceable for lawn work but they’re done otherwise.

Long live the trusty boot.

Worn vs new: