Climb the King goal

Even with the top of my right knee feeling weak, I was still able to power up Snow King in 41:22. I am within spitting distance of my goal of making it in under 40 minutes.

One thing that slowed me down is that weakness in the right knee. I’m not exactly sure what it is, though I will need to give it some ice and Advil. It felt like that after my tow yesterday.

I was able to power through at about 80% of maximum speed through the towing session. That is far better than when I first arrived here. I’m beginning to acclimatize and feel better, though I’m kind of sniffly from all the different new allergens to me. I need to go find some locally made honey and consume it so I can get used to those things.

Today was a much more enjoyable climb. Yesterday was blasting hot, as it got to 94 degress in the valley. Not exactly pleasant for stomping up mountains.


HumanEdgeTech Sponsor

Thank you HumanEdgeTech, a division of Explorersweb, for your generous sponsorship!


HumanEdgeTech is a leading provider of electronics for expeditions used throughout the world.  They were referred to me by Todd Carmichael, who holds the speed record for unassisted, unaided and unguided travel from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole.

I contacted HumanEdgeTech some time ago to find out what it would take to make my expedition successful.  Over a series of emails and phone calls, the staff at HumanEdgeTech guided me to what I will need to make sure I meet ALE’s communication requirements as well as stay in contact with those back home.

The company has the lastest in satellite phones, transponders, solar cells and other equipment to keep expeditioners in contact.  People all around the world rely on HumanEdgeTech to communicate.

HumanEdgeTech has been extremely helpful in this process and I look forward to meeting them in Jackson to discuss their experiences and swap stories!

Week 2

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve arrived in Jackson and I’m beginning to get the feel of things. The thing I’m feeling tonite is a scraped shin from a bungled attempt to evacuate a mosquito onslaught.

Picking up a barbecue pork sandwich from Bubba’s, the locals’ place, I thought it a good idea to head over to the local ski mountain and enjoy the transition from dusk to night while chowing down. The simple plan unfolded nicely, as the potato salad perfectly complemented the generous mass of shredded pork, all while enjoying looking at Snow King.

My southern California training then literally bit me, half way through the meal.

Having a pile of meat in the open at dusk near the forest was a virtual invitation to an awaiting mosquito squadron. Within moments, I was assaulted.

With a sigh, I mushed the food back into its styrofoam container, then jumped back into the truck. In my haste, I hopped in too aggressively. This translated into crushing my shin against a cutout in the dashboard, thus grinding an inch off my lower leg.

It’s amazing what a few bugs will drive you to do when you’re from a place with none. The distraction is incredible and the resultant pain is a reminder I’m not in Kansas any more.

An educational end to Friday the 13th?

Someone else’s perspective

It’s a funny thing when you’re searching the web about yourself, sometime things show up that you don’t expect. Case in point – David Boyne posted about my towing a tire up College Ave in Carlsbad. His perspective was far funnier than anything I’ve written about it, so I’ll defer to his blog post.

I always wondered if I made an impression on people driving by. I know I had some impact, as my web traffic increased on the days I towed with my banner. Having a way to gauge advertising against actual traffic is one of the most important data points for advertisers. Also, some people honked as they passed.

When I was towing opposing traffic, I could see that about 80% of the people in the facing me looked at me for at least a beat if not longer. That’s exactly what I wanted to happen. The sign paid off!

Training in Jackson

Training in Jackson, WY, has been going well thus far. After today, I’ll be back up to my regularly scheduled 120 minutes a day, increasing by 10% per week. This is just about where I was 2 months ago when I did a big run-up to see how much I could handle. I’m constantly eating and hitting the fast food to make sure to pack it on.

Hiking up Snow King has been good. I’ve only done it 3 times, but I’ve only been here a few days.  My quads are still sore from running down it two days ago.  It’s a 1,570 foot climb and it’s done in less than 2 miles, so it’s respectably steep. In the mountains, anything over 1,000 ft per mile is tough. The funny thing is, you see people climbing the mountain all day.

The people are a little different here, too. Almost everyone will say hello when marching up and down versus in southern California, where people tend to do the big city thing by ignoring you. Even when you bid them a friendly “Hello!”  Strange people.

As Jackson is way away from anything big, Galen Rowell’s “hello factor” ticks up a few notches. If you have a second, it’s worth searching out his discussion on the matter. What it comes down to is the farther you are from civilization, the more likely people are to say hello or even stop and chat with you. When I’ve been out in the Sierras or Rockies and haven’t seen someone in a few days, people will talk for minutes at a time. Try to do that in the downtown of any large city.

The weather has cooled off a bit, so it’s time to tow the tire. I’ve to mount the rails and sign to advertise myself. Going out in non-ideal conditions, windy and blustery, is one of the reasons I came up here. Carlsbad was great for its hills, but that was the only challenge. Working out at 300 ft elevation just isn’t that tough.

Several people suggested towing on the beach for the walk in the sand. The folks at ALE scoffed at that, as you’re at sea level. How tough is it, really? Heading up to 7,000 ft elevation puts it on a whole new category. I look forward to my first of many tire tows.

First day in Jackson, WY

This is my first full day in Jackson, Wyoming. It’s very beautiful today, though a little bit warm. I was hoping for snow on the ground. Haha!

The drive up from San Diego took much longer than normal, as I was towing a trailer full of equipment and living stuff. It wasn’t too bad, though.

Once it cools down, I will hop on my bike and ride around to begin getting used to the altitude. Going up and down the stairs makes me a little bit winded. That is kind of funny, considering I just ran a half marathon three days ago.