Audience Testimonials

Audience Testimonials & Recommendations

Audience testimonial
Audience testimonial

Read a sampling of the recommendation letters Aaron has received. See what others say about Aaron’s presentations and their impact.

Watch some of the testimonial videos by former audience members. As a motivational speaker, Aaron Linsdau strives to connect with each audience, regardless of age, educational level, or experience.

Aaron customizes his material to match the audience, coordinator, or organizer needs. Whether you have a sales force, school, or organization, Aaron will work with you to deliver exactly the message you want.

Letters of recommendation

Letters of Recommendation
National Wildlife Museum
Zion Lutheran School
Zion Lutheran School
Federally Employed Women
Federally Employed Women
Phil Kessler
Crosspoint Industries
Chris Lines BSA
Chris Lines BSA

“We have two fathers in our troop with over 20 years of experience each as Navy Seals, and they were impressed with the Aaron’s presentation.” – Chris Lines

 Video audience testimonials

Adrian Hackett, CEO and Scout Executive of the West Tennessee Boy Scout Council

Aaron did a fantastic talk. He communicated very well back and forth leading up to and through the event.
—Adrian Hackett, CEO and Scout Executive of the West Tennessee Boy Scout Council

Julie Hopkins, Mineral Management Specialist and Co-Chair Civil Rights Action Team, Salmon-Challis National Forest

“I’ve had many people come to me after the presentation and let me what a great job Aaron did. He was pleasant to work with, easy to work with, and very positive. I absolutely would recommend Aaron as a speaker.”
Julie Hopkins, Mineral Management Specialist, Salmon-Challis National Forest, US Forest Service

Susie Blair, Valley of the Tetons Library, Driggs Branch Librarian

“Aaron did an awesome job with the presentation. Aaron gave real life practicality to an expedition that probably none of us will ever be on, but we all can learn from it. Aaron did a great job.”
—Susie Blair, Branch Librarian, Valley of the Tetons Library

Sue O’Connor, Driggs, Idaho public coordinator

“Aaron was very inspiring and funny. I would love to hear him speak more. When I looked around at the audience, everybody was very engaged and inspired by what he had to stay. His talk continued to generate a lot of interest. His grit is inspiring. I think we need more speakers like that who can remind us of what we can do. I would definitely recommend Aaron as a motivational speaker. He has a fun way of entertaining.”
Sue O’Connor, Community Organizer, Driggs, ID

Valerie Maginnis, Director of Teton County Library

“Aaron’s presentation was truly inspiring in that here’s an individual that challenged himself to his highest potential and was alone in that venture, having to rely on his fortitude, his strength, his creativity. Yes, I would certainly recommend Aaron as a motivational speaker to organizations and to age groups at all levels. His engaging personality, his approachability, and Aaron has a knack with people.”

Valerie Maginnis, Director of Teton County Library

Shannon Shuptrine, Lower School Director Journeys School of Teton Science Schools

It was a fantastic presentation. The students were completely captivated by his presentation. I would absolutely recommend Aaron. I was impressed with his ability to adapt to our younger students. His message is universal about persevering and finding your passion.

Shannon Shuptrine, Lower School Director Journeys School of Teton Science Schools

Miranda Bear, Human Resources Officer, O’Chiese First Nation

“With the video that Aaron presented, and the obstacles that he faced, we face challenges in everyday life and that we should never give up—it was the message we really wanted him to emphasize during the training. Aaron’s message was exactly what we needed for our retreat. Yes I would recommend Aaron as a speaker.”
—Miranda Bear, Human Resources Officer, Business Center, O’Chiese First Nation, Alberta, Canada

Kari Bayley, O’Chiese First Nation

Steve Lizarraga, Director of student support services, Sweetwater Union High School District Former principal (Chula Vista High, Southwest Middle) , assistant principal, teacher


Shelby Elkes, program coordinator of corporate sales, Red Deer College, Alberta Canada

Lee Romero, principal Southwest High School

Gina Kurtchov, After School Coordinator, Teacher, Southwest High School

Marlene Keys, Women’s Organizations, Book Club member

Rick Lakin, Owner iCrewDigital Publications, retired teacher, Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Gold, Video Producer

Bill Keys, US Customs Officer, San Ysidro Point of Entry, BSA Troop 866, Imperial Beach, CA

Parent testimonial, Zion Lutheran School, Fallbrook, CA

Parent testimonial, Zion Lutheran School, Fallbrook, CA


Community leader testimonial, Encinitas, CA

Parent testimonial, Zion Lutheran School, Fallbrook, CA

Community leader testimonial, Encinitas, CA


Parent testimonial, Zion Lutheran School, Fallbrook, CA


Community leader testimonial, Encinitas, CA

Community leader testimonial, Encinitas, CA

Audience Testimonials: Quotes

Speaking at schools
Speaking at schools, courtesy of Nancy Lang

Read some of the audience testimonials received:

I have to tell you that over the years I have facilitated many varied programs and never have I had as many comments and complements as I did after you spoke.” Nancy Carpenedo, Idaho State University Friends for Learning

“Best program we can remember.
People were talking about it long afterwards. They never do that.” Bill Sears, Bonita, CA

“Thanks, You are amazing.” – Keith Hammon, Chief of Police, Rigby, ID

“Meant to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Geo club meeting last week. Really great! You seem like your in your element up there in front of the audience.” – Paul P., Jackson, WY

“Your material is very inspirational. Thank you very much!” – Richard Georgi, Grove International Partners LLP

“Thank you so much. The class has been a great learning experience.” – Emile Zynobia, Jackson, WY

“Our faculty and student body could not have been more pleased with your presentation. It was inspirational, engaging, and appropriate for the ages of students present. We will be excited to stay connected to your story and adventures. I will certainly recommend you in the future. Thank you for visiting our school and sharing your message and book!” – Shannon Shuptrine, Lower School Director Journeys School of Teton Science Schools

Chief Darren Whitford, O'Chiese First Nation
Chief Darren Whitford, O’Chiese First Nation

“Your talk was very inspiring. We learned a lot from your program on Leadership, and we had fun doing it.” – Kari Bayley, O’Chiese First Nation

“I really appreciate you coming out. It was a good time and you were an inspiration to everyone. You’re in a class by yourself.” – Gentner Drummond, CEO, Drummond Communications

Drummond Communications
Drummond Communications

“Your talk was inspiring and it really helped our team. We needed a boost and you did the job.” – Randy Pierce, President, Drummond Communications

“That was incredible. Thank you so much for the talk. Good luck on your future expeditions.” – Mickey Uphold, U.S. Cellular Premier Locations

“I just want to give you a special thanks for a great presentation last night. It was engaging and informative and enlightening. My wife and I talked about it all the way home and into the night with lots of: I would never even dream of doing that. It was a good balance of information about your preparation (e.g., batteries), preparation (Yellowstone and Greenland and pulling those truck tires), and photographs that helped us realize the desolation of the South Pole.” – Randy Isaacson, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University

“Your talk was so inspiring. You helped me so much. I’m completely in awe.” – Paula Sprague, Farm Credit Services Southwest

“You did a fantastic job last night. You kept me and everyone else captivated and engaged the entire time.” – Ed Lavino, Teton County School District, author of Prevailing Westerlies

“I enjoyed the class this morning. Seems like it went very quickly!!” – David Johnson, Jackson, WY

“An unbelievable achievement Aaron. Both physically and mentally. Your determination is amazing. Yellowstone in winter is also just beautiful. Will go for the 3rd time this winter but will stay in a cabin and not in a tent like you did…only because I don’t trust those Wolfpacks.” – Jantina Tuthill

“Your book was incredible. I felt as though I was with you all the way, experiencing every step. I could not believe you did that – I’m inspired.” – Beverly Kight, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

“You have been the best speaker we have ever had.” – Christopher Vaughn, Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner

“I just finished your book. Wow, what a journey! I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading about how you overcame the challenges to reach your goal. You are so fortunate to have had the guts and opportunity to achieve your goal. Bravo!” – Jim Ristuccia, Etching Expressions

“My 12 year old was one of the boys you spoke to Wednesday night. Just wanted to say thank you! He really enjoyed the talk and can’t wait to read your book. We love getting him exposed to positive and motivated role models.” Thank you! – Letticia Atkins, Encinitas, CA

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